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ILO Report: Marking progress against child labour - Global estimates and trends 2000-2012


ILO REPORT- World Report on Child Labour: Economic vulnerability, social protection and the fight against child labour


Trafficking in Persons Report 2013


ILO Report: Accelerating action against child labour


Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking in Persons Report 2007



Compilation of Good Practices for Advocacy on Child Labour in Domestic Work

The Good Practices Manual has been compiled for advocacy on addressing child labour in domestic work in 10 countries, where Global March and partners are present.  This Manual supports and brings forth ideas and practices of civil society, particularly Global March members and partners who are working towards the protection and wlefare of children, child labourers, in particular child domestic labourers, using advocacy as a tool.

Training Manual for Community Based Natural Resource Management

The training manual seeks to equipped trainers, working in a rural contexts, with information and skills to carry out activities related to community based natural resource management. These activities range from raising awareness about natural resource depletion, to facilitating discussions surrounding equitable use of natural resources, to approaching government and other agencies to ensure that local communities benefit from resource use in the area.