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Global Action Week 2011

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GAW 2011

The action for GAW 2011 will focus on the traditional practice of “story telling”, narrating personal examples and experiences. It is aimed to encourage women who have benefited from education to share their story and the difference education has brought about in their lives in comparison to girls and women who have been denied education. It will also encourage others to tell their stories, including boys and men. However, stories will focus on women’s experiences, highlighting the importance for them to realise their right to quality education.

GCE hopes that this action will inspire everyone to connect with others globally through various activities undertaken during GAW. In this respect, GCE is calling upon national and regional coalitions to take different forms of action but all relating to story-telling, including:

Inviting Heads of State or Finance Ministers to open the doors of public buildings, such as national parliaments, to girls and women with a story to tell. Inviting the media to cover story-telling activities to facilitate maximum publicity and awareness-raising. 

Using these opportunities to make presentations on the status of girls’ education in the country and describe what has to be done to achieve gender equality in education, making clear and detailed demands to Heads of State and/or Finance Ministers and to the wider media.

Approaching local authors, celebrities and influential people to tell a story about a girl and/or woman they admire and recording these stories to be replayed at various national events.