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Ethical Trade

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Global March Against Child Labour has been instrumental in shaping the ethical trade mechanism on child labour free goods – in sporting goods industry through the Global March’s World Cup Campaigns of 2002, 2006 and 2010. As well as Global March initiated action with the industry on the employment of child labour in Cocoa farms through the Global March’s Cocoa Campaign in 2003 , leading to the International Cocoa Initiative

Global March’s intervention “Not Made by Children” programme is aimed towards strengthening the efforts against child labour and trafficking for forced labour through improvement of inspection and monitoring processes in garment supply chains, providing comprehensive remediation of victims and promoting decent work for adults, through the five key objectives:

  • Strengthening the “Multi-stakeholder Garment Steer Group on Child Labour”.
  • Sensitisation and capacity enhancement of the Labour Inspectorate’s to inspect and monitor violations of child labour in the garment supply chains.
  • Generate awareness of core labour standards across supply chains through outreach initiatives and dialogue with workers and sub-contractors.
  • Remediation/withdrawal of child labourers from supply chains.
  • Development of a comprehensive toolkit based on the learnings for approaches for sustainable solutions to eliminate child labour, forced labour and promoting decent work.



Child labour in Sporting Goods

Child labour in football stitching

World Cup Campaign 2002

 The FIFA World Cup is an international sporting event which stirs the passion of millions of people around the world once every 4 years. Thousands of children are losing their precious childhood, stitching footballs that may be used for such sporting events. The World Cup Campaign 2002 demanded that FIFA make the World Cup and the sport of football, fair in its labour practice and free of child labour. Their promise to make all FIFA licensed products fair must be kept with a transparent monitoring system in place.